Welcome to the Insect Evolution Lab (the lab of Dr. Joseph S. Wilson) 

Research Interests
I am broadly interested in the history and future of biodiversity and in the biotic and abiotic drivers of evolution, with a particular emphasis on aposematism and color mimicry. Much of my research has been focused on understanding diversification in desert-adapted bees and wasps, although I am interested in diversification in other landscapes and taxa as well. 

My research is a fusion of two distinct components: 1) investigating the history of diversification through phylogenetic and population genetic analyses using traditional molecular data and genome-level datasets, and 2) examining the spatio-temporal patterns of biodiversity within and between distinct habitat types through faunal surveys and ecological niche modeling to identify threats to the future of biodiversity.

About Dr. Wilson
I am an associate professor at Utah State University - Tooele (USU) where I teach various general biology courses and labs and study several aspects of ecology and evolution. I received my Ph.D.  at USU I did postdoctoral work at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Please visit my Google Scholar profile for a list of publications and Citation indices.

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