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Intermediate Mimicry

This research is being done with the intention of eventual publication in a peer-reviewed journal. If you do not wish to participate please do not fill out the form to the right. By submitting the form you agree to participate in this study. 
Instructions: For each slide in the presentation below, rank how well the specimen labeled "Mimic" would fit in the group labeled "Model".
  • Rank slides by filling out the form to the right, 1=poor match 10=excellent match.
  • slide numbers correspond to questions in the form
  • rankings are based on color, pattern, and overall appearance of the specimen compared to the model group. The mimic doesn't necessarily need to match all of the models to get a high score, it simply needs to resemble one model.
  • we are testing first impressions so spend less than 20 seconds per slide.
  • To advance to the next slide, click the next arrow at the base of the presentation window.
  • The first 3 slides are examples of how to rank how well a mimic matches the models.